Below are some of my most recent or upcoming projects. Here you will find a good mix of web sites and applications that I have designed and developed. Additional projects and samples are available upon request.



MarsWebCreations.com is a local Kelso/Longview Washington based web design and development firm that offers a wide variety of web services from custom programming and designs to simple web hosting. We offer several plans that are sure to meet your web hosting needs no matter what your budget is.

Future Plans | Add a mobile/iphone interface to let clients track stats and communicate easier with customers. Add a blog. Maybe a city business directory.

Completed | March 2009



EmailFuture.com is a free way to send yourself emails in the future.

Emailfuture was featured on the front page of digg, delicious, and reddit all within the same week. This really helped it's popularity and has gotten some great feedback from the online community.

Future Plans | Add the ability to send SMS text messages to yourself later. Possibly allow users to purchase a premium account to avoid having to verify each e-mail address. Allow users to add attachments.

Completed | August 2008


The Daily News

TDN.com is the online version of The Daily News, a mid-sized newspaper located in Longview, WA.

Since my redesign of the site in November of 2007, TDN.com has more than doubled it's monthly traffic and solidified its position as the number one web site in the area with well over 2 million page views per month. I am always expanding and updating this site and am excited with the direction it is going.

Future Plans | Adding a restaurant guide, announcements section, breaking news alerts via e-mail and text messages, social networking capabilities. A possible visual redesign may be in order soon.

Completed | Work in progress.

Desk Icons

Iconz World

This is the first icon set of my own that I featured on iconzworld.com when I owned that site. I have since sold the site but still maintain ownership of the icon set. The new owners have changed the site quite a bit since buying it from me.

I made them available in both png and gif and at two sizes, 128px and 64px. They are free to download and do whatever you would like with so long as you don't sell them.

Future Plans | Maybe add some more icons to the set. More office and telecom equipment.

Completed | May 2007



Tutorialstuff.com was one of the first php/mysql sites that I did for myself..... and it shows! It was a fun project and I learned a lot doing it. It has served as the framework for many of my projects that I have since done after.

I haven't really touched the site in over a year but it still gets steady google and tutorial traffic and has a steady stream of residual income.

Future Plans | As the thumbnail suggests, I have a visual and somewhat structural overhaul planned for this in the coming months and may even sell it when it's all said and done.

Completed | April 2007



I was seeing a lot of visually pleasing sites on the net that I wanted to bookmark for future inspiration. So instead of book marking them, I decided to create CSSlooks.com, a gallery site dedicated to them so that others could partake in their visual beauty as well! And heck, maybe even make a couple bucks while i was at it.CSSlooks.com

Future Plans | I have about 20-30 more sites that I would like to add to it, including a few of my own.

Completed | June 2008

open source Invoicing Software

Bill Soft

To be honest, I was just too cheap to buy my own invoicing software to bill my clients so I thought it would be a great idea to create my own for my own needs. I then realized that other people might just have the same problem as me and would love to use my application. So I've decided to clean up the code and make it ready for the public to have so that they can tinker and customize to their heart's desire

I haven't come up with a name for it yet. I'm using the code name of Bill Soft btu I don't think that's catchy enough.

Future Plans | Release it for public testing

Completed | Work in progress.


Central Washington Disability Resources (CWDR)

CWDRinfo.org was a site that I did as a class project for the local Disability Resource center. There's nothing special about the site except that I felt really good doing it for these people.

There was pretty much two pieces of criteria that I had to meet with this site. First and foremost, the site had to be section 508 compliant. Second, they wanted drop down menus! This in itself was a task.

Future Plans | None for now, but I'd be more than happy to help them out with any changes or updates free of charge.

Completed | June 2006